A Meaningful Father’s Day Conversation

We appreciate all the wonderful dads in our lives, so celebrating Father’s Day is a pretty big deal at Womensforum! So we’re especially excited that our contributor and Fashion blogger Courtney Hawkins (a.k.a. The Simple Glamazon) – shared some thoughts about the holiday with us.

I was recently at a convenience store looking for Father’s Day cards to send home to my Father. There was an older gentleman who walked up to look for cards as well. I assumed he was looking for something to send to his son or son-in-law. I cordially looked over and said, “Good morning.” and smiled. He smiled back and replied. Then I said to him, “This is always such a daunting task. I have to find the right one.” What he said next surprised me. He said, “You’re assuming we look that far into these cards.” WHAT??!! Yes I am! Sadly, Father’s Day doesn’t get the same special treatment as Mother’s Day. Why wouldn’t my Father care about a card I chose specifically for him?

It took me a long time to realize what an impact my Father had on me. He woke up every morning and went to the gym before my brothers and I woke up for school. Then came home, made breakfast, went to work to fight crime (he is a retired police officer), all the while my brothers and I never went without anything. What we saw was an example of what love and dedication looks like. Yes, it was his responsibly to raise us to be productive members of society, but it was the dedication and diligence that yielded results.

This Father’s Day I wanted to get his perspective on what being a Father means to him. So, I asked him. Now I preface this interview by saying that my Father is straight shooter. If you ask him a question expect the truth. It may not be a long answer but it will ALWAYS be the truth!

TSG: What advice would you give all fathers?

Dad: Be honest with your kids about life and be a good role model

TSG: What is the best part of being a father?

Dad: Seeing your kids succeed and being happy

TSG: What is the hardest part of being a father?

Dad: Accepting their failures or disappointments

TSG: What does Father’s Day mean for you?

Dad: Appreciation of duty and responsibility

Seeing my father’s responses to these questions brings a new meaning to ‘Because I am your Father’. He is has always been a man of true honesty…even when the truth hurts! He is the first person I call when I have wonderful news to share because I look forward to having the first person to congratulate me be the man who impacted my life the most. As my brothers and I navigate through life we know he is with us…even when life takes us on a not so favorable journey, he is with us.

Being a parent is not an easy job so, when asked to do it solo it can be even harder. My wish for Father’s Day is that all the Fathers, and especially my own, know that we appreciate your dedication to your duties and your commitment to your responsibilities. Happy Father’s Day!

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