The Best Protein Powders for Women, According to Nutritionists

15. NorCal Organic Peanut Butter Protein

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“The only ingredient used here is peanuts,” says Linzy Ziegelbaum, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. “With 11 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, only 100 calories, and 3 grams of fat, this peanut butter protein powder is a great low-calorie option to add to breakfast or snacks. I would try adding it to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and baked goods for the peanut butter taste with half the calories and fat.” ($35 for 2 lbs;

Protein: 11 grams per 2-scoop serving


14. Welleco The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein

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“This has a decent amount of fiber per serving, a good ingredient list, contains probiotics, and contains a blend of plant proteins (brown rice and peas),” says Victoria Jarzabkowski Lindsay, R.D., a Washington DC–based dietitian. In case you’re wondering why fiber matters in a protein powder, Lindsay explains that since many people use protein powder in smoothies as a meal replacement or snack, it’s a good idea to make sure there’s a decent amount of fiber in there to keep you fuller longer and to stabilize blood sugar levels. ($59 for 500g;

Protein: 16.2 grams per 1-scoop serving


13. Vega Clean Protein

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“Vega’s Clean Protein is a good source of iron, has 25 grams of protein per serving for just 130 calories, no sugar, and a good ingredient list,” says Lindsay. Its sodium is slightly higher than some of the others on this list, but it’s an overall good pick. ($70 for 3 lbs, 10.5 oz;

Protein: 25 grams per 1-scoop serving


12. Bulletproof Whey Protein

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This protein powder by Bulletproof has minimal ingredients, so you’ll know exactly what you’re eating. Plus, it also includes colostrum (a type of milk produced during pregnancy) which Lindsay says may boost immunity. ($40 for 1 lb;

Protein: 15 grams per 2-scoop serving


11. Tone It Up Plant Based Protein

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“This is an affordable protein supplement that is known for its great taste and versatility,” says Lindsay. It packs 15 grams of protein, is totally vegan, and works just as well in smoothies as it does in protein pancakes. ($23 for 11.36 oz;

Protein: 15 grams per 1-scoop serving


10. Bob’s Red Mill Whey Protein Powder

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Whey is the most popular type of protein powder out there because it’s digested and absorbed quickly and easily, which means there are a ton of options. “When choosing a whey protein powder, it is not necessary to have a long ingredient list of fillers, sweeteners, and additives,” says Ziegelbaum. That’s probably why dietitians are such big fans of the unflavored kind. “The ingredients in this protein powder are simple, just whey protein concentrate and sunflower lecithin.” ($14 for 12 oz;

Protein: 15 grams per 1/4-cup serving


9. Klean Athlete Klean Isolate

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Lindsay likes this protein powder because it packs 20 grams of protein for just 100 calories—a great ratio. It also uses whey isolate instead of whey concentrate, which is preferable, she says. “Whey isolates are considered purer and are higher in protein than whey concentrates.” ($49.50 for 20.5 oz;

Protein: 20 grams per 1-scoop serving

8. Naked Nutrition Egg White Protein Powder

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“This protein powder has 25 grams of protein per serving and just two ingredients,” Lindsay says. “It’s great for those who are on a paleo or dairy-free diet.”

Mandy Enright, R.D.N., R.Y.T., a dietitian and creator of the couples nutrition blog Nutrition Nuptials, is also a fan of the brand’s other products. “Naked Nutrition’s original Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder is one of my favorites that I recommend to clients who are looking for ways to add additional protein to their diet,” says Enright. “The plain ‘naked’ flavor makes it more versatile so it can be added to anything without altering the taste.” ($65 for 3 lbs;

Protein: 25 grams per 2-scoop serving


7. Ancient Nutrition Organic Bone Broth Protein

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Bone broth protein might sound like a head-scratcher at first, but it’s simply made from dehydrated bone broth liquid, says Enright. “It can be a good addition to soups and sauces to increase protein content due to the lack of taste-altering flavor,” she says. “The nutrients found in bone broth support joints, skin, digestive function, and muscles.” ($55 for 1.09 lbs;

Protein: 20 grams per 1-scoop serving

6. Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Collagen Whey

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“This supplement has 27 grams of protein per serving, which is at the higher end for protein powders,” says Linsday. “This protein powder has a short ingredient list, a combination of protein and fiber, plus collagen and probiotics without any added sugars or artificial ingredients,” adds Ziegelbaum. While the jury’s still out on whether you should be adding collagen to your diet, it is a good source of protein in itself. ($49 for 1.3 lbs;

Protein: 27 grams per 2-scoop serving

5. Orgain Organic Protein

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“I often recommend protein blends when choosing protein powders,” says Ziegelbaum. “Similar to how I would recommend having multiple food groups at each meal, a protein blend will also provide a variety of nutrients. This blend contains organic brown rice protein, organic chia seed, organic hemp protein, and organic pea protein.” There is a small amount of added sweetener, but it’s in the form of stevia and monk fruit extract, which are no-calorie natural options. ($33 for 2.03 lbs;

Protein: 21 grams per 2-scoop serving


4. Aloha Protein Powder

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“The combination of organic pea protein, organic hemp seed protein, and organic pumpkin seed protein found in this powder results in a complete protein,” says Ziegelbaum. “This means that it contains all of the essential amino acids, which is not something found in all plant protein powders.” Lindsay also likes that it has mostly organic ingredients. ($30 for 1 lb, 3 oz;

Protein: 18 grams per 2-scoop serving


3. ProMix Grass-Fed Whey Protein

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“This unflavored protein powder is just whey protein concentrate,” says Lindsay. “Grass-fed whey may contain more omega-3 fats and other nutrients, and may be preferable for some based on ethical or environmental reasons.” ($20 for 1 lb;

Protein: 25 grams per 2-scoop serving


2. SunWarrior Classic Protein Powder

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“This is one of my personal favorites,” says Lindsay. “It has a decent amount of iron, lower sugar, uses organic ingredients, has a good protein-to-calorie ratio (about 15 grams for 80 calories), uses a blend of plant-based protein, tastes great, and is easily digestible.” ($32 for 500g;

Protein: 16 grams per 1-scoop serving


1. Garden of Life Organic Raw Fit

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“This raw vegan protein powder is made with raw sprouted proteins from sources such as whole grains, seeds, and legumes, and provides 28 grams of protein,” says Enright. Lindsay also points out that it contains Ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic herb thought to help combat stress, inflammation, and cortisol. ($30 for 1 lb;

Protein: 28 grams per 1-scoop serving



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