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A Bittersweet Father’s Day

I am coming up on my third Father’s Day without my Dad and it doesn’t make the holiday get any easier. I don’t have any particular Father’s Day memory in mind because my father was pretty awesome every day. I would however spend a lot of time browsing Father’s Day cards until I found the

What Does Your Birthstone Mean?

THE MEANING OF YOUR BIRTHSTONE We’re not huge proponents of astrology or numerology, but we do think they’re interesting. And when it comes to birthstones, we think the various aspects surrounding them and their meanings are especially compelling because well, they are sparkly and fabulous!  So what does your birthstone mean and what does that

Clever Home Remedies To Reduce Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a common beauty problem, but you don’t need to put up with it. Here are some DIY puffy eye remedies that you can do at home without splashing out big bucks on eye serums or creams! From too many late nights, a lack of sleep, too much salt in your diet or

Get Your Skin In Shape For Summer

As the mercury rises, we all show more skin. Whether in a bikini on the beach or just a sundress or t-shirt and shorts as you go about your daily life, there’s no denying that you’re exposing more skin to the elements than in any other season of the year. And if you live in

How To Tell The Difference Between A Summer Cold And Allergies

The sniffles are a common sign of the onset of a cold coming on, but with summer around the corner, how can you tell the difference between a summer cold or allergies? We asked an expert. The Symptoms Are Similar According to Dr. Alisa Hideg, of Group Health’s Riverfront Medical Center, “post-nasal drip, scratchy throat,


While I’m admittedly not much of a DIY’er, I do like to think of myself as crafty, and every once in a while the urge strikes me to get in there and get a little messy. One morning some time ago, I happened to find myself perusing the aisles in Michael’s when I stumbled across these

Food Matters: Getting More Out Of Your Workouts

  If you’re trying to get the most of your workouts, what you eat and when matters.  We checked in with Team Leader and Chief Scientist of You Plus, Dr. Steven Willey to hear what he recommends for your next pre-meal workout. “The best foods to keep you energized through a work out need to be


 PIN ITPhoto: Instagram/@sandandskyaus Millennial pink beauty products are a dime a dozen these days, so when I first heard about the benefits “Australian pink clay,” I was mildly skeptical about how effective it could possibly be. My fears were not at all settled when the face mask arrived on my doorstep looking like a tub of bubblegum-colored


 PIN IT Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good Inflammation is right up there with sugar in terms of scary wellness words. You’ve probably heard the laundry list of ailments it’s tied to: acne, sleeping problems, gut issues, and even life-threatening conditions, like heart disease.The good news is that you can eat your way to better health—as long as you’re filling

Stop Your Nighttime Snacking

We have all been there. The kids are in bed and the house is quiet so you turn on the television to catch up on your favorite shows… with a giant bowl of popcorn or a bowl of ice cream. You sit in front of the television for a few hours while you are noshing

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