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Tough as Nails

Get strong, healthy nails that you can’t wait to show off — without sacrificing tons of time or shelling out megabucks at the salon. We asked celebrity manicurists for their handy tips for solving your biggest issues, so you’ll look and feel amazing right down to your fingertips. CLAIRE BENOIST Nail 911 Nail 911: Breaking

Must-Dos: Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

These simple tailored-to-you hairstyles will take you from blah to bombshell in an instant.   TOM CORBETT Hairstyles for Straight Hair For a Night Out: Boost a Basic Braid Make this style sultry for evening by creating a messy side part and weaving your hair into a braid tucked behind one ear, suggests Jeanie Syfu,

Finally, How to Get Rid of Dandruff for Good

An itchy scalp and white flakes on your shoulders can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Here’s how to deal. SHUTTERSTOCK You may not know it, but your body is covered with yeast. Yes, yeast. It lives on everyone’s skin as part of our microbiome—the normal bacteria and fungus that live symbiotically with us. In some people, the yeast is

Manicure Tricks from the Pros

Doing your nails at home doesn’t need to be a challenge. Using the same techniques as the pros ensures you’ll get a neater, longer-lasting manicure—every time! Check out these 8 insider tricks and tools guaranteed to give you a great mani or pedi. Start with a Clean Slate Begin your manicure or pedicure by swiping

How to Remove Your Makeup the Dermatologist Way

Trust a dermatologist to explain how we should really take it off before bed. SHUTTERSTOCK It’s tempting to be lazy and leave it on, but removing makeup is a huge deal to your skin’s repairing process. Here’s how to go about it. 1. Schedule It In Sure, it’s okay to slip once in a while. In general,

Hydrating Hair Products for a Frizz-Free Spring

Fight back against the frizz with these 15 hydrating hair products, and keep your hair looking sleek all season.   Repairman Conditioner Keratin protein mends damaged hair, leaving it smooth and hydrated so you’re ready to take on your day. This conditioner is also sulfate-, sodium chloride-, and gluten-free; making it not only good for you, but

The Best Negative Space Nail Art Designs

Add a touch of style to your basic nail art by creating a negative space design. You can use any color and any pattern, which makes the possibilities endless. Get inspired by some of our favorites and get ready to slay your next #ManiMonday. Colorblock Create a work of art on your nails by transforming

Be a Smarter Shopper

Your best diet starts in the supermarket. The essential what-to-buy guide. The Produce Aisle Your healthy diet doesn’t start at the dinner table, or even at the stove. It begins at the grocery store. “If you don’t know how to navigate a market and separate the good from the not-so-good products, you won’t bring home

This Small Diet Tweak Could Save You More Than 200 Calories a Day

Drinking just one extra cup of water each day could add up to major calorie savings. SHUTTERSTOCK When a super-simple diet trick comes along (finally!), and it’s one that can help you save serious calories, you know it’s time to get excited. According to a new study, cutting calories could be as simple as reaching for

Make Your Manicure Last

A great manicure instantly makes you look more pulled together but can be hard to maintain (especially when you’re chipping them at the gym). Try these 10 tricks to keep your manicure looking great longer. SHUTTERSTOCK Keep Nails Short Long nails are more prone to chipping and breaking than short, professional-length ones. Aim for nails

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