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While this week started off on a bit of a rough foot (see: all the stress), it definitely made up for any less than stellar moments by the end. We had our wedding tasting on Wednesday night, which was SO much fun, and something I wish we could do ten times over… I also had my

New Video Campaign Shows Sick Kids Fighting Back

  A raw and gritty new video campaign called VS is erasing the image of weak, helpless, sick children and replacing it with images of the fierce battle they face every day. The foundation arm of SickKids hospital, the group behind the video, decided to flip the script on the idea of giving money to help suffering children and instead produce

Love Your Real Body!

  We’ve all had that body shaming moment. You know the one: You look at yourself in the mirror and a little inner voice says, “You look terrible.” Even those with the fittest, skinniest, most praised, most loved bodies have some degree of body hate. It doesn’t stop with how your body looks; it can be

Ugh, Stress Can Actually Cause You to Gain Weight — Here’s Why

Stress is OK in small doses — it’s our body’s natural response to a threat. But if you feel perpetually like Andie trying to get Miranda’s twins the unreleased Harry Potter novel in The Devil Wears Prada, it can have negative consequences on your body and mind. One of these side effects: weight gain. We talked to Dr. Charlie

Get Walking! Start A Daily Habit Today

Have you ever thought about walking for exercise? Now is the time to start! Are you one of those people that says, “I’ll start exercising tomorrow?” Or do you say, “After the holidays are over, I’ll start working out again”? Stop making excuses and just do it!  How do you begin? Just get up and

The Best Memorial Day Weekend Looks to Kick Off Summer, Courtesy of Nordstrom

The unofficial start of Summer always deserves a special commemoration of some sort — especially when you have three long days to do it. Whether it’s as casual as a brunch with friends, as grand as an all-day backyard blowout with the whole family, or as luxurious as a few days out of town, it’s

Ely Did This 1 Surprising Thing at Dinner in Order to Lose Over 65 Pounds

Ely Fisher initially lost 60 pounds of postpartum weight in just under a year through healthy eating and exercise. She had gained 66 pounds during her pregnancy, and now, three months later, Ely wants to share the three tips that helped her lose the rest of the weight and fall in love with her body. Do What

Your Yoga-On-the-Go​ Travel Flow

Feeling tense from a day of traveling? These yoga poses from the founders of Sky Ting Yoga are guaranteed to open you up and relieve lower back pain. After a long flight or car ride, we usually feel pretty yucky. So we tapped yoga instructors Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, co-founders of New York City-based Sky Ting

Nine Fun Workouts To Do With A Friend

AERIAL YOGA It will certainly give you a new look on life! The silk hammocks provide support and resistance while everyone attempts to get into the right yoga position. If you think it looks like fun, it is. This will give you and your friends plenty of fun memories to share. DJ SPIN CLASS You

The Surf-Inspired Interval Workout Everyone Needs During Summer

Hang ten, burn more.   Surfers always have washboard abs for a reason — the sport requires you to constantly engage your core, all while twisting and shifting your weight so you can ride that wave all the way to the shore. (Plus, hello, riding the water like that — and pulling off fancy tricks —

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