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Stretches for Strong, Flexible Hamstrings

Limber up fast with these three moves designed to keep your hamstrings flexible and strong. From the editors of Fitness magazine SHUTTERSTOCK Tight hamstrings Target Your Hamstrings may lead to lower-back pain, says Dana Strong, a yoga teacher at Be Yoga and at Exhale Spa in New York City. Do three sets of any of

You Do Have Time to Work Out! Get Motivated

You can fit in fitness. We worked with trainer Annette Lang to bring you the very best 5-, 15-, 30-, and 45-minute toning routines for your crazy busy schedule. By Lindsey Emery SHUTTERSTOCK 5-Minute Routine If you have 5 minutes… YOU CAN: Get your heart rate soaring, jolt your energy level, tone all of your

The 8 Worst Mistakes You Can Make As a Runner

Consider these the eight deadly sins of running. PIXABAY Like all athletes—and, well, humans—runners are guilty of a whole slew of bad habits. We sometimes opt for buttery pancakes instead of egg white omelets after a long run, and we’d rather go shopping (for new running gear, obviously) than spend time stretching. But while some

This Fitness Blogger’s Photograph Shows the Effect Bloating Can Have On Your Body

No one is immune from the occasional bloat. While scrolling through Instagram, we all see those super-flat abs that seem to be immune from bloating. But fitness blogger Alyssa Greene (@ajgreenefit) believes this is a huge misconception everyone needs to be aware of. “I’m not going to come on here and pretend I walk around like

Benefits of Swimming: 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Get in the Water

Swimming can make over your muscles, transform you into a cardio goddess, and turn back the aging clock. Need more reason to suit up? We’ve got ’em right here. Dive in.   Benefits of Swimming: It Counts as Both Cardio and Strength Training In swimming, if you aren’t moving constantly, you’re sinking. (Forced cardio!) Plus, water

How I Lost My Baby Weight: Real Moms Dish

If we could only be so lucky to have personal trainers and nutritionists at our beck and call. But you don’t need either to lose the baby weight. Real moms dish on how they slimmed down post-pregnancy.   “Incorporate your baby into your exercise routine.” Erin W., 30, of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, got help from

Defy Gravity: Your Butt-Sculpting Workout Plan

Make over your backside with these lifting, toning, and shrinking butt exercises. ALEX PALOMBO Sculpt Your Backside This tush-targeted workout takes the science of how to tone the three muscles in the glutes to the maximus. “Do all nine exercises for a 360-degree shape-up or pick a few based on your particular trouble spot,” says Kate Albarelli,

The Vitamin Deficiency That’s Hurting Your Workout

It’s time to start meeting the daily recommendations for this vitamin. SHUTTERSTOCK Deficient in vitamin D? It could be keeping you from maxing out your athletic prowess. A recent study set to be published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found low levels of the vitamin messes with the way your muscles function.

Get It Now: A Totally Firm Lower Body

8 Pilates-inspired moves for trimmer hips, thighs, and glutes, plus Pilates-perfect abs!    Solutions for Stubborn Trouble Zones Practically everyone knows that Pilates can help you sculpt beautiful abs. But devotees of the ever more popular workout have a secret: It’s also a great way to get sleek thighs, a tight tush, and a totally

20-Minute Circuit Workout for Buff Brides

Tone your arms, abs, thighs, and everything else in just 20 minutes a day with this workout routine, designed with the busy bride in mind. SHUTTERSTOCK When you’re choosing chair sashes, narrowing your playlists, and scooting to dress fittings, it may feel impossible to fit in a decent workout. But it’s quality, not quantity, that

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