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Antigens determine what is in the bowl – Blood types diet

BLOOD TYPE DIET AND USEFUL TIPS FOR ALL BLOOD TYPES – ANTIGENS DETERMINE WHAT IS IN THE BOWL.       The overall concept of a diet according to a blood type is based on the fact that there are antigens in the blood that are responsible for creating antibodies that serve to protect against

The most powerful natural cure against Sinus Inflammation

This natural cure is with horseradish and vinegar and  is really powerful in the fight against sinusitis and headaches that are a necessary symptom. All you have to do is to put 50 gr horseradish and pour over half a liter of wine vinegar in a jar. Place the mixture in a jar or glass

Nervous itching

It is a skin disease that can develop in totally healthy skin as a result of the stimulation of skin nerve. Disease often occurs in an elderly person. Sometimes it occurs after general bodily disturbances and organic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic kidney and jaundice inflammation, uterus, ovarian, and similar.The snake is scattered throughout the

Kidney disease, kidney explanation, acute inflammation and treatment

  Kidney disease   The kidneys create the urine. Their main job is to do excretion of the harmful substances that are formed during the substance changes inside of them. Substances are mainly uric acid and urine itself. In one minute, through the kidneys passes 1 to 1 ½ litters of blood which will be

Ginger Switchel Recipe

I guess that almost everybody heard about switchel – drink. This is a very refreshing drink that dates from the 1700s. Mainly have been used by farmers to cool down them selves while they working on the fields during the hot days. Now, switchel is very popular beverage and for sure there’s a good reason

Lemon Bars with Greek Yogurt

These Greek yogurt lemon bars are specific with look similar as an American flag. The common desert for the Fourth of July is usually berry flag cake which everybody likes. It’s always a good idea to try something new and to have an unique desert for this special day.   These lemon bars are more indulgent than

Smoothie Recipe that will Help for Gut Healing

Well known is that leaky gut is tied to a range of health conditions. Beginning from the food sensitivities and irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory skin conditions like acne, to complex autoimmune diseases. Doctor’s recommendation is transitioning to a healing foods diet which will helps to transform your health from the inside out. Drinking healthy smoothies prepared with fresh fruits and

Smoothie With Pomegranate and Blueberry

It’s very easy to prepare this delicious smoothie with pomegranate and blueberry. Besides these two ingredients, there also frozen cauliflower rice. As berries are useful as an antioxidants, some protein powder as macros, the cauliflower rice is rich with vitamins, fiber, sulforphane and minerals.     Ingredients 1-2 scoop collagen peptides 10 oz unsweetened organic almond milk

3 Unusual ways to use Avocado

Probably you know many ways how to use avocado. You can combine it very nicely with savory, sour or sweet recipes. What other fruit can be used for guacamole and baked goods? Because of this, there’s a reason avocados are so beloved. These three recipes take advantage of its versatility. This is the fruit that just keeps on

You want to get in Shape-this is The best healthy eating meal plan for you

In this article you can find how to adjust your eating habits and how to get in the habit of success. Who know, maybe this will be one of the best healthy eating plans for you. First of all, this plan is good for all those beginners into the workout in the gym and also

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